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Introducing: Sleep Support Sessions


At the Sleep Support Project, we have introduced Sleep Support Sessions, to help emotionally support those experiencing mild sleep and wellbeing concerns who are looking for a single supportive session to talk things through with a qualified and experienced counsellor.  It will be a single one-off session that can be conveniently booked into your diary at a time that suits you with no obligation to continue with the commitment of a full series of counselling sessions.

The sessions take place remotely and conveniently over the phone, to anyone based in the UK.  Sleep Support Sessions do not provide medical information or advice, but provides in-the-moment wellbeing support during any times of sleep disruption or stress, offering confidential therapeutic support which will likely complement other existing treatments in place via your GP.

What is the benefit of a single session?

Sometimes, it may be that a series of counselling sessions is just not what you are needing or able to commit to at the moment, which leaves limited support options should you want to speak with a counsellor for some emotional support.  Often, people experiencing mild stress or temporary concerns proceed with structured counselling only to find that they feel much better or improved after a single session or two.  Some people want space to solely find coping strategies, to explore stress management techniques, and others may just want a ‘top-up’ session after previously undergoing longer term counselling.  It may also be that a sleep support session could provide bridging support whilst awaiting other forms of therapy elsewhere, or for it to be incorporated as part of your overall emotional support plan as discussed with your GP or healthcare professional.

Supporting wellbeing and empowerment

People are looking for alternative and complementary ways of improving sleep and wellbeing without solely relying on medications such as strong (addictive) sleeping tablets or long-term reliance on anti-depressants.  In the UK, we are currently seeing a massive increase in people needing emotional support such as counselling, with people living with increasing levels of stress and uncertainty around finances, work, health, relationships, and so on.

Accessible support options

We are aiming to offer a variety of accessible counselling support options and recognise that we need to adapt to meet the ongoing pressures and changes in the world at the moment.  Therefore, we are introducing this option of single-session wellbeing support sessions with a counsellor.

Support for the supporters

It may be that it is not yourself that is needing to access counselling, but rather you are concerned about a significant other in your life or are experiencing the ‘ripple effect’ of living with someone with significant sleep disruption or mental health issues.  We offer a supportive space to talk things through and work on some coping strategies, or to be signposted to potentially helpful resources.  Maybe you have a partner with chronic insomnia or excessive snoring, which disturbs your sleep each night, leaving you feeling low and tired: a sleep support session would allow you some space to support your wellbeing, to offload and to empower you to figure out ways to manage things a bit better.

How is a Sleep Support Session different to counselling?

A Sleep Support Session will be focused on what is happening for you at the moment, relating to your sleep or wellbeing, offering one-to-one support which aims to provide you with an emotional ‘toolkit’ to manage your sleep disruption or stress.  Whether your sleep issues are related to external factors such as shift-work, night-shifts, parenting, debt, money worries, relationship issues, or because of some things on your mind, Sleep Support Sessions will allow you that space with a counsellor to talk things through, figure out your next steps, working towards improving your sleep and wellbeing.

Counselling is a process, it takes time and commitment over a period of weeks or months.  To proceed with counselling there needs to be some space within our lives to fit sessions around work or personal obligations, and we need to be ready to make certain changes or to bravely address difficult emotional topics.  We recognise that it is also often a significant financial investment towards improving wellbeing.

Finding coping strategies

Sleep Support Sessions allow for the option of single, one-off sessions to give you a supportive space for focusing on coping strategies, helping to manage wellbeing and explore sleep hygiene.  Counselling sessions are more exploratory, being more of an emotional, relational process which is a more appropriate support for complex, long-term issues or if experiencing more moderate to severe mental health concerns.  However, whether it is a single support session or ongoing counselling, it is always a confidential, safe space in-line with the BACP ethical framework.

Is a single session enough?

It may become apparent during a Sleep Support Session that a series of counselling sessions may be more appropriate, or that an additional support session may be helpful, so this will be discussed with you and offered to you as an additional supportive option.  Talking about things can bring up issues that may require a more supportive space, such as structured counselling.  We would not offer single support sessions to anyone experiencing more complex issues, and if not clinically appropriate or considered emotionally ‘safe’ for you to do so.  Every counselling support plan with the Sleep Support Project is tailored to each individual’s needs and circumstances, whether that is one or two Sleep Support Sessions, 6-8 sessions of counselling and CBT-I, or ongoing counselling.  The initial consultation with an experienced counsellor enables us to clinically assess and offer an ideal ongoing support plan for yourself.

To arrange a Sleep Support Session, or to discuss support options with a counsellor, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation FREE initial consultation.