Block of 6 x Counselling Sessions (Telephone)


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Block of 6 x 50 minute Counselling Sessions (Telephone), priced at a discounted rate.

Each session aims to provide emotional support for various issues including anxiety, low mood, depression, stress or relationship issues.  Counselling helps to improve wellbeing and sleep, using a combination of person-centred counselling and CBT-i (CBT for Insomnia).  These sessions take place over the telephone, allowing you to have counselling in a private, safe space and without the need to travel.  There is no clinical difference between the efficacy of face to face or telephone counselling, both approaches are shown to be equally as effective.  Please contact us or use our booking calendar to arrange an initial consultation to see if counselling is suitable for you, or for further information.  We offer sessions to anyone aged over 16 based in the UK.

Paying for a block of 6 sessions allows payment to be sorted in advance rather than having to worry about paying for each individual session, taking that pressure out of the equation so that focus can be on the therapeutic process.  Paying in advance allows the cost of sessions to be at a reduced rate and can be beneficial if having ongoing counselling.