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Here you will find some sleep-related resources, including a free downloadable blank sleep diary for you to fill in, sleep surveys and quizzes, sleep soundscapes to aid relaxation, a reading list of potentially helpful books, and, coming soon: a sleep support course to help you further understand and improve your sleep.

Sleep Diary

A sleep diary is a useful tool to collect detailed daily information about your sleep habits and routines, and to track any changes over a period of time. When completed over a few weeks (or months) this can provide useful data for yourself and your therapist during the counselling process. Download a free blank sleep diary by clicking the button below:

Sleep Surveys and Quizzes

To aid your sleep awareness and to get thinking about sleep, feel free to try our sleep surveys, questionnaires and quizzes. These are designed to be self-help tools to aid insight into your own sleep habits and patterns, to learn more about sleep, and to hopefully help achieve better sleep.


Relaxing sound (such as the sound of rain or the sea) can help aid relaxation and sleepiness. Here you can find Sleepscapes which are our exploration into journeys in sound which may help with sleep. Click the button below to access our free Sleepscapes:

Sleep Support Course (coming soon)

We are excited to announce that in development is the Sleep Support Course, written and designed by The Sleep Support Project. The downloadable self-help sleep course will consist of various modules that you can work through in your own time and at your own pace. Some of the modules will focus on: Sleep Hygiene, Understanding Sleep, Mindfulness for Sleep, Managing Stress, and Managing Sleep Disruption. There will also be additional downloadable modules about specific Sleep Disorders.

Reading List

Here is a list of potentially useful books about sleep, and some book reviews. Click the button below to access a list of sleep-related reading: